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Female massage is almost a dirty word in America. I admit, in my younger years, I was pretty oblivious myself. I wanted to do something about that in my life, in my relationships, and started seeking information on what I could do to give my wife happy ending massage. After years of research and lots of practice with male to female massage, several women told me that I should make a business out of the skills I developed in sensual touch.

Femspahhh is that business. Imagine someone treating your body your face your hair your back your shoulders your legs your feet like you were a Goddess Or Queen. Relax get comfortable and let me bring more sensation than any man has ever brought to your body. My work is NOT about pushing your muscles around like a massage therapist. I see it more like all the different ways that a woman might be able to be caressed and revered.

Touch can be or feel utility or it can feel like adoration. You are most likely deprived of the latter. Sensual Massage is about sending your senses reeling. It is about your body feeling excited and alive! Give yourself a treat today schedule now. Somehow you came to the notion that a sensual massage could be something Amazing! And now you have searched it and found my site, and let me guess, you are scared to death and a bit excited at the same time.

If so, I can relate! Long before I ever considered providing sensual massage, or happy ending massage for women, I discovered there was a massage parlor next to my work that had a reputation for doing happy ending massage and more. So one day I mustered up the courage and marched over to check it out.

When I entered, I found myself in a tiny hall space with a locked inner door, a surveillance camera and a tiny little window. I was only about 20 years old and this creeped me out so I was out of there in seconds. Fortunately this one was a bit friendlier on the front end, but now I have questions; What will happen when I get inside?

Who does what? Do I have to ask for what I want? Is it illegal? Will I get in trouble if I say the wrong thing? Will I have any say in who does what I am looking for? Will I be able to choose a female massage therapist? It was actually all pretty intimidating. Somehow I endured, and this middle aged lady, one of 3 female therapists, who spoke very little English took me into a stinky room and got started on a fairly traditional full body massage therapy.

Was I in the wrong place? Should I say something? Ask something? So finally we were down to about the last 5 minutes, I am on my back now and she taps my leg. Because I understand some of the things that might be going on in your mind as you search for your sensual massage. What will the person look like? How old is he? Is he fat? Is he going to want to date me? How will I know what is going to happen? Can I get what I want without having to reciprocate? How do I ask for what I want?

So I created this site, and a couple other sites that I use to provide information that can help you get some of your questions answered so you can have some security and predictability about the who, what and how of your quest. If you can be informed and prepared, maybe this can happen for you. So here is a little about me. So I will not be hitting you up for dates, or other relationship queries.

My girlfriend and or my work provides for all of my sexual needs so I will not be asking or attempting to obtain my gratification from you. The idea here is that you are obtaining your female happy ending gratification from me, so everything I do is to satisfy your interests.

I posted an explanation of what to expect at a sensual massage with me at one of my other websites that has content that is slightly more descriptive than at this site. But since you have landed on this and read this far, I think you will find it even more helpful than this . See that content. From there you can find links to sensual massage videos and massage theme ideas that may pique your interests and curiosity. The video below is also very popular for getting a feel for who I am, and what I do.

This is a Censored version. Watch Uncensored version here if you are 18 years old or older. And we now have a new version posted Jan. Your session could be tailored to be Much softer and slower, and or almost any degree of decreased or increased penetration, stimulation and intensity.

Every session is customized to your specific boundaries, wishes, interests, fantasies, and desires. The video above is about an hour long, maybe more. Here I ask what you would like to happen in your session. This gives me YOUR general boundaries. I might ask questions. How close? How much pressure? You can p that I will remain fully clothed at all times.

Is there anything that you are interested in outside my standard set of boundaries that I hold for you? How do you want to create your female happy ending story? I ask that question for a very specific reason. Usually not at your first visit. They are for you. My boundaries are typically broader. This allows for those that wish to broaden their boundaries to request interests that stretch their limits.

But I have been asked to pull hair in a more primal fashion. You have your unique interests and generally I am more than willing to accommodate. I ask if there is anything else you have questions about. Anything else you would like to discuss. Then I ask:. This is all about Consent. This is your power. You control what I can and cannot give to you. In return I give you the ultimate in respect; I h onor your consent. If you want to proceed, we go to the massage table.

I will go wash my hands while you disrobe full or partial and get on the massage table. Typically this is a naked female massage. However, you may choose to begin fully clothed. That is up to you. I get very tuned in to where you are comfort wise and arousal wise. That is ineffective. I would rather spend the whole session getting you comfortable if that is what you need.

Any massage adult women

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The Hands-On Way I Found Out What A Female Happy Ending Massage Is Like