Don t want to be alone today

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Being alone is in right now. People love being alone — they blog about it. Preach about it. Tweet about it. It sucks not knowing who you are. It sucks needing constant validation. When, for example, did being alone become something that we wear like a badge of honour? When did connection become something we scorn out of pride? When did we stop getting to know each other in a real, legitimate ways because it became that much easier to hook up, shut up and pent up our emotions when we needed to feel them the most? No, really. It makes you human. We all need connection.

Do we really believe that? Do we actually think that aloneness is the only way to grow as a person? Simpler, not smarter. And more depressed, not more independent. We need other people to lean on in our times of struggle.

And perhaps more importantly, we need them to learn from. Nobody exists in a vacuum — and nobody succeeds in one either. To deny ourselves this opportunity would be madness. We all require love — the strong, the weak, the fearless, the meek, the lost, the found, the whole and the broken. There are times where introspection and self-reliance are importance.

But we have to draw a clear distinction between healthy aloneness and painful aloneness. There is nothing honourable about hiding out from others. There is nothing impressive about living without love. It is no admirable feat to stay sheltered and refuse others access to your pains and your joys and your struggles. Anyone could do that. What takes true strength is opening ourselves up to others. Exposing our insecurities. I think the only thing braver than being alone is learning to trust not being alone. Learning to rely on each other, to give and take from each other, to be secure enough in ourselves to understand that other people are not what we need to shrink away from in order to preserve our well-being.

We need to take the prospect of being alone off a pedestal and accept it for what it too often is — an excuse. We want to emerge into the light all successful and glittery, hiding our downfalls in the dark. You need to be loved. Just like everybody else. And I promise you that, in that sentiment, you are never going to be alone. Learn more about Thought Catalog and our writers on our about . At the end of the day, you have two choices in love — one is to accept someone just as they are and the other is to walk away.

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Don t want to be alone today

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