Which of the following forms associated with exponents multiplies the base number by itself as many times as needed?fractionated formexponential formstandard formfactored form

Accepted Solution

Answer:The correct answer is B. Exponential form.Step-by-step explanation:The exponential form was developed to express repeated multiplications and to make it easier to write long numbers. The exponential notation has two parts. The base, as the name says, is the number below. The other part of the notation is a small number written on the superscript to the right of the base, called an exponent. We will use an example to learn about the exponential form or notation. 2³ In this example the base is 2. This means that 2 is a factor, and that it will be multiplied by itself a certain number of times. The precise number of times is given by the exponent, the number in the superscript. In this case, the exponent is 3, which means that base 2 will be used as a factor 3 times. So  2³ means 2 • 2 • 2 and the result is 8.