Working alone, it would take Shandra 40 minutes to sand a table. To sand the same table, also working alone, it would takeKelly 1 hour. If they work together, the situation can be modeled by the following equation, where t is the time it would take tosand the table working together.1/40+1/60=1/tShandra claims it will take them about 50 minutes working together, because 50 is the mean of 40 and 60. Which bestdescribes Shandra's claim?

Accepted Solution

Answer:  it will take them about 24 minutes working togetherStep-by-step explanation:1/40    +   1/60 = 6/240 +  4/240 = 10/240 = 1/241/24 = 1/tCross multiplication:1*t = 1*24  t= 24