I like chubby women

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Further information. News forums. Entertainment forums. Other interests. Home […] Forums Life and style Relationships. Why do I love chubby girls so much? Go to first unread. Skip to :. Report Thread starter 11 years ago 1. Its so strange. I am not chubby or fat myself I'm a medium build, above average height, with a fairly low level of fat and a fair amount of muscle.

I see a good level of fat, and a wider frame overall, as very sexy, womanly and healthy too. Especially if its combined with a confident personality, it makes me go nuts over a girl like that. I watch porn with chubbier and larger girls in again please do not confuse this with horribly fat, obese and unfit, because thats a big turn off rather than the slimmer girls because I find it really hot. A lot of guys boast about wanting girls to be as slim as possible. Every girl thinks she should lose weight or wishes she had a smaller frame or narrower hips. Secretly though, I love larger girls.

Is there anything wrong with me or do other guys deep down think like I think? Girls, what would you think of a guy like me who liked larger girls like this? I can provide pics of girls who I would like to prevent this. Not what you're looking for? Tsukuyomi Badges: Report 11 years ago 2.

I dont like skinny girls. Neither do i like chubby girls. Maybe you love the way the flabs clap together when you get jiggy. AzureMews Badges: 0. Report 11 years ago 3. Report 11 years ago 4. Because everyone likes different things Being curvy - large breast and hips - is in some ways a of good health and fertility. So there could be an evolutionary reason. But, it comes down to invidual preference. The very fact that there is porn out there specifically catering to those attractions, as well as everything in between, shows quite clearly you're not alone. There's a market for that stuff because there are plenty of people who find it a turn on.

Report 11 years ago 5. Original post by Tsukuyomi I dont like skinny girls. A-W-H Badges: Report 11 years ago 6. Original post by ovenglove Its so strange. Nymthae Badges: Report 11 years ago 7. Squishy man, we're squishy. Feel good to hug something that's actually there and not a stick, right?

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I like chubby women

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