I love full curvy women

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Source: Getty Images. The one question that I get asked as a body image expert and pound woman who loves her body is: How did you do it? But really, my secret to loving my body just the way it is? Moore wore business skirts and silk blouses, and the lace of her slip was barely visible through the small slit at the back.

Girlfriend sauntered. Almost twenty years later, Mrs. I walked in and saw a voluptuous woman in a polka-dot vintage one-piece bathing suit. She had blown my mind just by doing her thing: sitting around knowing she was beautiful. She became the indelible image of what body love looked like to me. I wanted to know her secret. Every day, women maybe you? Thirty pounds from now, I will be able to enjoy looking at myself in the mirror. Forty pounds from now, I will love this body.

Everyone is entitled to a relationship with their body that is based in care and respect. I asked eight of the most fabulous curvy women that I know one question: What is the big secret of your relationship to your body? That fever? Yup, just my body running illness out of town! People care about my fat body because we have created these invisible structures like capitalism, misogyny, and colonialism that teach us what bodies are good and what bodies are bad.

The reason why people have issues with my body is not because my body is bad. As Glenn Marla says, there is no wrong way to have a body. Start at the top and work your way down, feeling your entire body as you go. Take the time to stop and examine parts you feel unfamiliar with. Stretch marks, bumps, hair, uneven coloration, wrinkles. Spread your ass in the mirror. Sniff your own armpits. Grab your belly. Taste yourself. You make an effort to get to know them, and over time, they become a source of familiarity and comfort. Your body has the potential to be your BFF.

I had lost my best friend since the third grade. That woke me up. Your partner is there and naked with you right now. Not fifteen pounds from now. Otherwise why would they be there naked with you? I love knowing that my thighs are bigger than theirs.

But my thighs are bossy — they tell you exactly what they want you to do and you better not talk back to them. I can pick up what I want, when I want. I can ignore you or embrace you with these big-ass shoulders. I had very little guidance, few fashion icons, and next-to-no shops to browse in or experiment with. T he secret to my relationship with my body is that I get up every morning and say yes. Yes to cupcakes, to short dresses that let me feel the breeze against my thighs, to this double chin that jiggles when I giggle. Yes to dates with hotties who know this body is perfect, yes to fat girl photo shoots, yes to cleavage and pencil skirts, and yes to the secret radicalism of my existence.

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I love full curvy women

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Curvy Girls Reveal: What I Love About My Body