L with green eyes

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There are many factors to consider, including skin tone and undertones , but have you ever thought about choosing a new hue based on your eye color? Read on the learn about the best hair color for green eyes, blue eyes, brown eyes, and hazel eyes. Your mane match can bring out your unique eye color. A rich butterscotch hair color will beautifully complement your green eyes. With hints of caramel, honey, and light brown, its earthy tones are sure to be a perfect match. Speaking of earthy tones, a warm chocolate brown hair color also looks gorgeous with green eyes.

Think about the color wheel. This stunning pairing is sure to draw attention—though be warned that a black hair color is best suited to those with medium to deep skin tones, as the dark hue can make pale skin look washed out. What about blue eyes?

Remember the color wheel we mentioned earlier? Well, blue happens to be right across from orange! Enter strawberry blonde. A combination of red and blonde, the sun-kissed color seems practically meant for those with blue eyes. This bright hair color is seriously flattering when paired with their blue hue. If you have blue eyes and are keen on brunette locks, a rich espresso hair color is the perfect way to make sure your eyes are in the limelight. Deep red and purple hues will really bring out your baby blues, making burgundy one of the best hair colors for blue eyes.

Brown eyes have an array of natural tones in them, and hair colors that complement those tones are a must. Enter golden brown, which blends a hint of golden blonde with a warm brunette shade for a hair color that looks seriously stunning with brown eyes. If you have light brown, nearly-copper colored brown eyes, boy do we have a hair color match for you! Honey blonde hair will play up the warm, amber tones in your eyes. While we're on the topic of bringing out warm tones in brown eyes, a mahogany hair color is perfect for doing just that. The red-meets-brown hue was practically made for those with brown eyes.

Have cool, dark brown eyes? Consider keeping things cool and contrasted with an ash blonde hair color. The ashy undertones will complement the deep, cool shade of your eyes while the blonde shade will create just the right amount of distinction. Looking for your most flattering hair color? Take your pick from the following. This warm, reddish-brown hue is ideal for those with hazel eyes.

A chestnut hair color will bring out shades of amber and highlight hints of blue and green. Warm hair colors will be your best friend if you have hazel eyes, and cream blonde is no exception. This light, buttery blonde hue will beautifully contrast against the blue and green notes in your eyes. The deep brown shade features notes of red that will let your hazel eyes shine.

One of the hottest hair colors at the moment, copper hair just so happens to also be one of the most flattering hues for hazel eyes. The contrasting shade will draw out the green and blue tones in your eyes. Go To Content. Find your most flattering hair color, below! Hair Color Trends.

L with green eyes

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