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In fact, it may be difficult to get your child to leave our ranch after his time is done. Picture your son herding cattle on horseback on a 50, acre cattle ranch where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains. Boys here learn to live in the moment, and they take on real responsibility, quickly putting in the past their life struggles and negative influences.

Triangle Cross Ranch is a Christian boarding school situated on a working cattle ranch far from the distractions of city life Hudson, WI, social media, and the Internet. It is deed to teach troubled teen boys character and basic life principles, like honesty and to live each day with courage and to always finish what you start. Boys who come here live a changed life and become Godly, honest, confident, and peaceful young men. Your boy will both get reality therapy on horseback and learn to live by the Cowboy Code, and our trained staff and d counselors will help him move past his former emotional or behavioral issues.

Your boy will end his negative, unhealthy thoughts and behavior, and do so before it wrecks his life. Here, at-risk boys get a positive change of environment, separated from harmful relationships and activities back in Hudson, Wisconsin.

Our structured, affordable year-round ranch program in remote Wyoming also help boys dealing with low self-esteem, academic underachievement or family conflict. We understand what troubled teen boys need. We therefore provide a place for real personal, spiritual, academic, and character-building transformation while on our therapeutic ranch.

Each boy receives individual counseling to address the root cause of his life difficulties. With over 30 years of treating at-risk boys struggling with anxiety, adoption, rebellion and academic troubles, the Triangle Cross staff will encourage healing for each boy and his family.

For troubled boys from Hudson, Wisconsin, and from across America, our boarding school also teaches vocations like welding, carpentry, horse and farm care and mechanics. We have a nationally accredited academic program, from which boys can earn transferrable credits or earn a high school diploma while here.

An honorable, manly approach to life is still alive and well in Wyoming. Our experienced, caring and committed staff, and the power of God, will transform your troubled boy into a whole new man. If your boy relapses to bad thinking and actions after a successful complete 12 months in our program, we will accept him back for corrective counseling for 30 days at no additional fee.

More about ranch-based boarding schools in Hudson, Wisconsin for troubled boys:. Hudson is a city in St. Croix County, Wisconsin, United States. As of the United States Census, its population was 12,, making it the principal and largest Wisconsin city of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. The Hudson area however had a population of 33, The village of North Hudson is located directly to the north of Hudson. Some who are searching for help for a troubled boy may also want to search using terms like: boarding schools for troubled boys , schools for troubled boys , boarding schools for troubled boys , ranches for troubled boys , troubled boys homes , schools for troubled boys , troubled boys boarding schools , or boarding schools for troubled boys.

We promise families the success of our long-term program for troubled teen boys. If your boy relapses after discharge after a successful complete 12 months in our program, we will accept him back for corrective counseling for 30 days at no additional fee. We can also help you in your search for other schools for therapeutic boarding schools east coast , California boarding schools , boy homes near me or military schools.

At Triangle Cross Ranch, a Christian therapeutic boarding school and working cattle ranch, troubled teen boys can learn how to deal with harmful behavior, and live a productive life back home—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Serving troubled boys ages suffering from bitterness, anger, laziness or disrespect, he can learn to make better choices.

The experienced staff and d professional counselors at TCR help at-risk boys move past emotional and behavioral issues, and end unhealthy influences, before he turns into a defiant adult. The safe, daily structured program encourages his personal, spiritual, academic and vocational growth. Boys enjoy healthy meals three times a day, sitting and talking in a family-style cafeteria. Louis, Missouri. Triangle Cross Ranch is an affordable Christian boarding school for troubled teenage boys.

Our boys ranch enrolls troubled teens from the east coast states and central and western states such as: Texas, Ohio, Missouri, Kansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Arkansas and Illinois. Most of our troubled teen residents come from California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Arkansas, and through the South and midwest states. Let us know if you need help with therapeutic boarding schools , private therapeutic schools , Christian boarding schools or Christian boarding schools. Privacy Policy Terms of Use Sitemap. Need to find a boarding school near Hudson, Wisconsin for a troubled boy?

This character-building dude ranch is where the romance of the Old West brings boys to a new appreciation for nature, for strong relationships, for God, and for life itself. As you look for boarding schools near Hudson, Wisconsin for your own troubled boy, perhaps you will instead discover the benefit of sending him to Triangle Cross in Wyoming. Troubled boys from Hudson, Wisconsin, with a history of academic, emotional, or behavioral problems will benefit from the personal attention and ability that this working dude ranch and school will provide them year-round.

Triangle Cross Ranch offers an active, hard-working ranch lifestyle, focused on personal growth and responsibility. Our counselors will help your boy mend and improve every aspect of his life, including his education, his respect for others, his vocation, and his relationships. Most importantly, Triangle Cross inspires the boys to embrace the transforming love of Christ, including discovering their own God-given talents, worth, purpose and potential.

Boys learn there that real men love and respect God. Before you limit your search to other Christian therapeutic boarding schools for troubled boys in Hudson, Wisconsin, please explore the special values available to your son at Triangle Cross Ranch! Call today at to find out if our ranch in remote Wyoming makes sense for your at-risk boy. More about ranch-based boarding schools in Hudson, Wisconsin for troubled boys: Hudson is a city in St. Our caring team wants to help your son learn and grow this year.

Together, we can help transform your troubled boy so you can transition him to college or back to school and family in Hudson, Wisconsin. Please call today. Call Get Help Today.

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