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MEXICO CITY AP — Hardships caused by the coronavirus pandemic have forced former sex workers in Mexico back into the trade years after they left, made it more dangerous and reduced some to having sex in cars or on sidewalks for lack of available hotels. Claudia, who like most of the sex workers interviewed asked to be identified only by her first name, had stopped working the streets a decade ago after she married one of her former clients.

But when her husband lost his job early in the pandemic, the couple fell four months behind on rent for their apartment. The only solution Claudia saw was to go back to working the streets. If she gets a client that day, she can perhaps afford a cheap hotel room for the night.

Laura said many of her clients have lost their jobs and can no longer pay her. At one point she had to pawn her telephone, her only contact with some of her regulars. Things are even harder for older sex workers like Laura, because thousands of new sex workers have pushed onto the streets as the pandemic forced closure of restaurants and shops. And then the single mothers — most of them worked in stores, clothing shops, bars, cosmetics.

They were housewives, women with grocery bags who did it for 50 pesos, or whatever they needed to buy food. She and her husband and fellow organizer Jaime Montejo, caught it themselves, and he died of it last May. Conditions that have always been tough for the women who ply the trade in Mexico City — violence by clients and gangs who prey on prostitutes and shakedowns by corrupt police — got even worse during the pandemic. Rules of the partial lockdown forced many hotels to close, and others raised the prices they charge sex workers.

Madrid said that after hotels closed or raised prices, some people started renting rooms or storefronts to sex workers, who found the landlords were taping them with clients and demanding payment in exchange for not posting the videos on the internet. Now, Madrid said, the women have to take clients wherever they can.

Most of the hotels have reopened, but many have raised their prices. In spite of fewer clients, lower earnings and more risks, thousands of women see no option amid the pandemic but to stay out on the streets of the capital, spending hours waiting in the hot sun or on dark corners. And on many days they still go home to hungry families with no income at all.

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Mexico sex contact

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