My girlfriend wants to watch us

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They talk pretty much about everything. Sometimes, we even talk about it occasionally when the three of us are together. She admitted to my girlfriend that she really wants to watch another couple have sex. They spoke more about it and went into the details of it. My girlfriend asked her if she thought the idea of watching us have sex would turn her on. My girlfriend pretty much agreed on the spot to it all. Later, my girlfriend brought it up to me all excited.

It sounded like she had already made up her mind for both of us. I had to stop her to tell her that I never agreed to it. The plan was for it to happen this coming weekend. I wanted to see if anyone had any advice on this. I honestly think it could be hot. Has anyone else ever done this? How does it work? Is it enjoyable? What should I do? But even before we get to what it might actually look like or what you can do to make this an enjoyable experience, we need to talk about how this was all initiated.

It is one thing to have open and frank conversations about sex and sexuality, but another to become part of it. Here is a good example of why this feels so icky. And because much of what we have here are she-said-she-said, it is also unclear if Mel actually initiated this conversation about watching you two have sex or if Izzy did. There is a lot at risk and committing to this weekend is far too early! It might be beneficial for you to confirm with Mel on your own that this conversation happened as Izzy claims it did.

This accomplishes two specific goals. First goal is that it clarifies the questionable consent. This also allows you and Mel to develop your own connection. Voyeurism and exhibitionism operate under the assumption of safety and security above all. And it sounds like most of your conversations about sex with Mel has been attended to by Izzy as well. If you have confirmed that Mel is as into this as Izzy said she would be, great!

Now is a great time for you three to get together and each weigh in on how you each think this is going to go. Then you sit down in the chair some distance away where you can masturbate while watching us. Another important conversation you three need to have is a safe word. Another aspect of this to consider is that there is going to be a lot of new elements for you as well.

You will be having sex in front of someone new, which is already complicated enough without having to consider that that same person will also be masturbating to you. You might get in your own head about whether or not you are hard enough to be able to perform for two people. So figuring out how you can manage performance anxiety ahead of time is a good idea. Tea Time with Tomato is an informative relationship and sex advice column for both monogamous and polyamorous folks. You also agree to let me edit or elaborate for clarity.

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My girlfriend wants to watch us

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Advice – My girlfriend’s best friend wants to watch us have sex [NSFW].