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As a result, we decided to ask what our DutchReview readers think the Dutch suck at. So, do the Dutch suck at being polite by being too direct? Sometimes it can come across as rude and unnecessary. But sometimes it would be good to tone it down a bit — some of us have delicate little feelings. Some of us love a good queue — especially the Brits.

It gets stuff done systematically and sometimes, even, swiftly. Especially when things such as public transport come into play. You force your way in. Sorry, no shade to Germany. The awkward circle of death that greets you as soon as you walk in the door… do I have to? Parties also tend to finish early and stick to a strict schedule. A lot of people complain that Dutch cuisine is almost non-existent. Of course, gourmet food does exist, but it is few and far between in contrast to some other countries.

Maybe we should add more delicious delicacies to our lives. Anyone who has ever lived in another country will know that most Dutch supermarkets are tiny! A lot of people also complain about the huge amounts of little shops like Albert Heijn To-Go , which sell items at ridiculous prices. Okay, so admittedly there are many countries out there that are far worse — but there are whole Reddit thre and Twitter s dedicated to the driving and parking skills of Dutchies.

The fact the car insurance prices rise so often — due to the of claims, so they say — is a good indication too. At the gym, on a of occasions, notices were given out to customers to tell them to park properly. The car parks were filling up because people were taking up two or more spaces and parking terribly. Not great when there is a shortage of parking overall. The Netherlands has so much to shout about. After all, it is the capital city. However, it is never spoken about enough. Heck, many foreigners think the Netherlands is Amsterdam. What do you think the Dutch suck at?

Did we leave anything out? Let us know in the comments! Ever been on a train or bus in another country? Like, for instance, Spain? Not that loud in the Netherlands of compared…. Nope, I find trains in Spain much quieter than trains in NL.

This one of the many reasons I finally left the country!!! It is so much more civilized in Spain. I think — before telephone — they had to shout from one valley to the other and they kept this habit….. I have seen German tourists on several occasions in my country speaking aloud too. Apparently, it is epidemic everywhere in continental Europe! Italians excluded?! I am an stranger in the Strangerland but only Brits, I p, do not yell when they talk to you or to each other! Is that so?

Totally agree, the Dutch are far more undisciplined, rude, loud and unruly compared to other European countries commonly considered more.. The fact that everything is super tiny makes it even more horrible. Yeah it looks like that the culture is the less you care about others the better in here.. I feel your pain with your neighbors.. I have horrible ones too.. I must say, that I agree on certain things. I guess, the Dutch have become boring people, in my absence from my country.

No more swinging house parties, I live in California now, and we still have parties, with lots of food and live music and dancing, maybe because I am part Indonesian and I stick to the Indo culture, every party is with tons of food, and dancing on live music. And there are tons of snacks, just to name a few smoked eel, kroketten, loempia, pasteitjes etc etc. We like our fried stuff, that is true. But most people really eat very diverse here. People should stop visiting the green heart and Amsterdam and come to rural places of the Netherlands instead. Crowded Holland sucks, rural Netherlands rules.

Try a AH XL supermarket and it will change your opinion. At least you know where people stand! And about The Netherlands being bigger than Amsterdam, that is exactly what we try to tell everybody but nobody knows anything else than Amsterdam. Not our fault, maybe lazy tourism? In any medium town in the country you can have really good gourmet food in restaurant from all different ethnicities and I know a lot of very good cooks who go way beyond fried food, myself included.

Again laziness in not trying or looking beyond the obvious??? Anyway, talking about lack of gourmet food, from a Brit? Some points I agree with, but most I do not. It should be alist of thinkgs that stand out for Dutch people, but it is not. There are far worse in a lot of these points. Queuing: the Germans are far worse in it, especially in supermarkets. I know, I live in Germany already 7 years. Birthday parties: I have no idea to which birthday party you went, but the ones I go to are spontaneous and fun. Talking about going outsie the planned schedule: the Germans can not handle that…..

Gourmet food: there are lo of good restaurants and the Netherlands is famous for the variety of foreign restaurants. The Dutch cuisine is quite simple and basic, maybe….. Supermarkets: OK, for an American they might be small…but they are not tiny. Pricing is good and they have a good variety. AH To Go: that one is only for something you forgot or if you swant to have a bite on the train etc. But the Germans are far worse with overtaking just to be 1 more car ahead….

YES: I keep telling that a lot! I am from the Netherlands Friesland, to be exact…. I live here in Australia — migrated from the Netherlands when I was 8 yrs old. I noticed here we had a large problem on what city was the capital.

Social Studies books actually printed that the Hague was the capital. Had to write to the Education department, as a 10 year old to correct their school books to Amsterdam as the capital. It seemed that who ever wrote those education books did not have a clue. I think they corrected it eventually. The Hague is our government capital. Amsterdam is our national capital.

To make it even more complicated: Haarlem is the capital of the same province where Amsterdam is located. We can definitely be direct, but, also in relation to your last point, it varies per region! Especially in the south people tend to be a bit less direct. I am Dutch but am sorely irritated by the fact that Dutch people never can say they are sorry. I definitely agree with that. In my family the birthday parties are set up exactly as depicted in above photograph. The Dutch are extremely cheap, counting pennies all the time. My sister wanted to charge me 50 euro for a used mattress that in her eyes was new.

Actually it was 1 year old with a big stain. There is little generosity of spirit in the Netherlands. People do rush to the newly opened cash register with a vengeance. Is there still a sense of humor in the Netherlands? Spot on. I agree completely. Dutch humor is non-existent. And are the cheapest ones after the Jewish. That happened to me once and I was really surprised.

The guy I was with army buddy bought me a drink and when we went back to the base, he said I owed him the price of that glass of beer. They guy was from Rotterdam and when I tell this anecdote to friends or family all from Brabant and Limburg , they are all in awe that someone would do that. In Brabant and Limburg, they are a lot more social and generous compared to everything above the rivers.

So they base their opinions on what they see from people living in those provinces. If you thought you were amidst a mortal battle between the forces of irritating and rude…. In relation to the Dutch, when compared with other westerners, they do stand out as quite rude in my eyes. Am saying this without spite or negativity. It is just my personal comparison of how HR people from various western European countries communicated with me. So, unless this is the product Dutch hating trolls, I believe such a large of comments could mean my impression was not totally unfounded.

Second thing about the Eastern Europe being rude, I agree that people can be rude here but I disagree that on everage they are ruder than western tourists. When I see westerners not only Dutch in transport here I often find them disrespectfully loud, and aggressive when told to behave properly.

I live in Rotterdam and uou can eat any food you want, international cuisine and obviously gourmet! Calling rudeness for people being honest and direct whe the brits cowardly smile in front of others and talk badly behind each other backs? Is gossiping polite? This person is just too limited to understand other cultures. You can not understand a culture by comparing it with other but by simply understanding it as it is.

I have lived in the Netherlands for 9 years I agree with some and disagree with some of it — I am a Brit who sadly lived next to a Portaguese guy who was always moaning about the the Dutch so there you have it — was polite to faces and was the biggest back stabber out there — So before you critize others maybe think about your fellow countryman- from where I stood it was ugly.

I agree with the rudeness. I lived 4 years in this country and found the people not only rude but also not very interesting for the most part. I suppose that everybody was glad you left! Dutch people are open in speaking their mind, I consider that a good thing, better than gossip behind your back! Almost all people welcome you if you drop in and make you feel welcome! As for the birthday parties, what would you expect? To sit outside and have a barby?

Europe has a total different climate and a big time of the year it is to cold outside! So what are they suppose to do, sit outside and freeze your but of or go to a cafee, witch is very expensive and not much fun! I find those comments as stupid as they come!

Need a little suck

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