Need my ass fingered

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An overwhelming majority of men — and women — masturbate regularly. The anus is a particularly pleasurable area for a man because the prostate gland lies right by it and there are lots of nerve endings which are stimulated when you finger yourself. Your body is deed so that it feels good — so how can it be wrong? Lots of people feel guilty about sex. Because of their main purpose — as the place where waste is released — we see them as dirty.

Being gay means you fancy people of the same sex. Fingering yourself is perfectly safe. Just a thought — you might be better off using a lubricant deed for sex such as KY jelly — find it in your local pharmacy rather than your hand cream which could be fragranced and might irritate the delicate skin of your anus. How to masturbate if you have a vagina Want to find out how to enjoy masturbating?

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Essential support for under 25s. Crisis Messenger. Is it OK to finger my anus to find my prostate? I wank regularly and just recently started lubing a finger up with some hand cream and fingering my anus whilst masturbating. Could this do any harm and, since I'm straight, should I enjoy this? When I do it, it feels really good but afterwards I feel really ashamed about it - if it's normal why the shame? Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share on . Send via Whatsapp. Send via SMS. Views 61, If you want to talk in confidence about these issues, call Sexwise on Next Steps Chat about this subject on our Discussion Boards.

Need help but confused where to go locally? Download our StepFinder iPhone app to find local support services quickly. Tags: masturbation prostate wanking. Comments by Vanilla. Related Featured Popular. Masturbating Everything you need to know about wanking. No featured article. Why does she bleed when I finger her? Be careful you're not too rough. Is my vagina normal? Are my labia too big? Should my vagina smell? And what the h I lose my erection with condoms Do condoms make you lose your erection? You're not alone. Giving her good head Our secret to giving and receiving great head.

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Need my ass fingered

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