Need to vent bored

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Our children are born to play, create, and feel great satisfaction. They want to have fun. They want to be involved. They relish that surge of initiative that is so abundant in childhood. When they lose it, they suffer. The sense that we see them, and understand who they are and what they love. Our caring and attention is the fuel children depend on for their next idea of what to do, or who would be fun to play or learn with. Your attempt to fix their boredom will just bring frustration, for you and for them.

The remedy is your warm attention. To be of help, you need to vent your frustration, give the lecture that runs in your mind, and work on whatever anger, resentment or worry that you experience in this situation. Do this, not with your child, but with another adult, out of earshot, at a time you both agree upon.

Getting listening time is a bit like the vigorous scrubbing process surgeons must do before they operate on a patient. You could use a good emotional scrub to help you bring needed attention to your bored child. Your child has a fine mind and a good heart. He or she has just run out of gas. Refill needed! The less bustling you do to deliver your presence, the better. The main thing that might need a slight fix is your immediate plan for your next half hour or so. That plan might require a postponement of some kind.

Bring a sense of pleasure in him or her, and interest in the situation. Nothing to do. Flop down right next to your child, wherever he or she landed when the boredom hit. You want to let your presence and lack of worry about the situation to sink in, so stay attuned, perhaps propping yourself up on your elbow now and then to make eye contact, or snuggling in a bit closer as the minutes roll by.

Listening opens the communication channels. Your ideas are not needed here. Your warm attention is. Your child will still feel bored. So the spirit of it might be sweet, or could also be lightly playful. What do you think? How would that be? Stay light and add a bit of humor if you can. What shall I do with it? Massage your pant leg? Your sleeve? Your listening and willingness to pay attention is the most powerful antidote you can deliver. If your child needs to have a good cry about how life is not any fun at all right now, Staylisten.

The cry is a big part of the solution. Keep resisting your urge to judge him or her as lazy or ungrateful. Keep being interested in what your child can tell you, and in any feelings that pour out along the way. Toss out some outlandish thoughts to see if you can raise a giggle or two. Little chefs might like a suggestion for making concoctions in the kitchen with lots of stuff in it, encourage them to make you taste it.

Ideas for adventure-seekers could be about water gunfights in the cold outside, or lighting matches together over the kitchen sink. Why not experiment with how various materials and foods burn? You could even try throwing various kinds of food up against the side of your house or apartment, watching for how they smash and dribble down. Patty Wipfler. In this post, you'll find out what causes boredom and ideas on how to deal with your child's boredom. What keeps their spark alive is a sense of connection. Things to try when your child is caught in the feeling of boredom.

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Need to vent bored

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