Nowhere to find love

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At least, not in my experience. We can get so focused on not having a plus-one by our sides that we often discount the other relationships in our lives. The family members. Our friends. Our pets. All the people who make up our support system. When what we want is a ificant other and what we have to give is a romantic love, it can seem like nothing else will satisfy that need. Love is a renewable resource. In fact, I would even venture to say that giving it away is the healthiest thing we can do. The other night I was feeling love for someone who is no longer a part of my life.

Usually, that feeling causes me suffering, but I was in no mood to suffer- not that I ever am really. I wanted it out, and I wanted to get it out in a healthy way. Instead of dwelling on the past and hoarding that love, I thought of that person. I held that image in my mind, and I imagined sending my love out in a warm embrace of positive feeling. I sent it out in hopes that he felt loved, cared for, and content wherever he was, doing whatever he was doing, no matter who he might be with now.

I repeated the mantra I often repeat for forgiveness work and releasing attachments: May you be well. May you be happy. May you be free from suffering. In doing so, I felt free from suffering. I went to sleep with a clear mind and a light heart. I need this for my own health and well-being, and I need it to heal from the things that have caused me harm. As a matter of fact, there are innumerable ways we can give our love out when we feel it overwhelming us. Here are just a few ideas we can start with to take the love we feel and give it to the world:.

Instead of thoughts and prayers, we can donate however much we can afford to a cause we believe in. With recent natural disasters making front news, we can always donate money or supplies to help the victims in their recovery. Donating our time in the form of volunteer work is a loving act. It could mean giving our time at an animal shelter, library, or community center. We could read to the elderly or entertain children at a hospital. We could be the ride for cancer patients to get to treatment or pick up litter at a local park. When we need to get out the love, there are so many organizations desperate for volunteers to help with the cause.

Altruism also has the side benefit of giving us an endorphin boost, although we can certainly argue that true altruism requires no side benefit. I love random acts of kindness with all of my happy heart. It might mean opening a door for someone or paying for the order behind you in the drive-thru. While some people are squeamish about needles, donating blood or plasma is a great way to help others. Plasma donations will even net you a little side income. We can up to be an organ donor. Even donating eggs or sperm can help some other couple start a family. Even a few minutes spent giving blood can be the actual difference between life and death for someone.

A handwritten note, homemade cookies, or even a thank you card can all be great ways to practice gratitude to the people in our lives. It could be to those who provide a service to us or to our communities. Think fire fighters, utility workers, mail carriers, police officers, nurses, dental assistants, cashiers, teachers, and the many other people who play a role in our communities and are often under-appreciated. We can say thank you and mean it, or we can let them know in other ways that they are valued.

Care packages are fun and easy to customize. We can make care packages for the homeless to keep in our vehicles. We can make a get-well-soon care package for the people in our lives we love and appreciate. We can send care packages to service members who may not make it home to share the holidays with their loved ones. We can send care packages to nieces, nephews, and other children in our lives whose days would be made with a surprise in the mail. Whatever preconceived ideas we might have about meditation , it really is for everyone.

We can put it in a letter or simply give them a call or send a text. Saying I love you is important, and we can never say it enough. In fact, even if we are in a romantic relationship, we can still be doing all of the above things to share our abundant love with others. We think love is just for romantic love stories, and we forget that all this love we have to give is needed right now. Just think what it might look like if every person sent their love out.

Just imagine what our world could look like if we realized that our love, like our money, actually counted. Former therapist. Author, Heart of Madison series. in. Felicia C. Love with Nowhere to Go? Send it Out.

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Nowhere to find love

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Love with Nowhere to Go? Send it Out