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Kallie Pierron left West Kelowna last week for Miami to undergo breast augmentation surgery as the winner of a contest held by American photographer and Instagram celebrity Kirill Bichutsky, better known as Slut Whisperer or Kirill Was Here. Two days later, the controversial Kirill ed Pierron back to say she would be one of four contestants and he would be posting a photo of her to his Instagram story for his followers to vote on.

Known for his posts of drunk, half-naked women at clubs, offensive humour and most recently his appearance in the Netflix documentary American Meme, Kirill asked his followers to vote on a photo of the women, posing in bikinis from the waist up. The winner would get a trip to Miami and a boob job. Missed opportunities. The chance to start something new. I have had so much hate for going on this trip, so many people acting like they wouldn't have done the same had the opportunity presented itself to THEM.

I call bullshit. If you don't like what I do with my life, you know where the door is. Also want to say thank you to everyone who made this trip possible, and everyone who made it one I will never forget. I made some amazing friends while I was in Miami, and I hope to see you all again soon.

But she did do it. She claimed everything was fine and she was comfortable, and Kirill was more than appropriate. Totally different guy than what you would expect. After breastfeeding her son, she was even more interested in changing the appearance of her breasts. Now that Pierron is back in Canada, she is returning to work as a server at a restaurant but said she hopes to keep in touch with both Kirill, and Sarah, another woman who won the contest and flew down to her in Miami.

To check out before and after photos of Pierron find her on Instagram KalliePierronn. YouTube sensation removes breast implants after years of illness. View this post on Instagram. Just Posted Fall marks the return of Quesnel civic meetings.

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Quesnel b c sluts

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