Sex addict seeks female

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People often think that sex and pornography addiction is experienced mainly in men. This is partly down to numerous male celebrities having historically explained their infidelities with an admission of sex addiction. However, female sex addicts are common too. Women addicted to sex will experience the same symptoms as men, participating in risky behaviours to satisfy their compulsion. Although women sex addicts may more commonly feel guilt and remorse, it does not make it easier to control their sexual behaviour. The distinction between acceptable sexual behaviour and addictive sexual behaviour can be difficult to determine.

However, all addictions have common traits at their core. These include an obsession and constant preoccupation with the addictive substance or behaviour, engaging in dangerous activities to satisfy the compulsion, and continuing the behaviour regardless of the consequences. to find out about the specific symptoms of sex addiction. Just like men, sex-addicted women will be obsessive about sex.

Both male and female sex addict symptoms involve constantly thinking about sex, trying to find ways to engage in it, or battling the urge to have it. Women with a sex addiction rarely gain lasting satisfaction from the activity, yet persist in pursuing sex. They are unlikely to form emotional bonds with their sexual partners, leading to even more intense feelings of loneliness and remorse.

Women sex addicts will need a combination of therapy and sex education to gain control over their compulsive behaviours. Individual therapy, with therapists who understand sex addiction, can help a female sex addict to stop acting on their compulsions and process the underlying triggers and emotions. An inpatient rehabilitation programme may be necessary to fully overcome sex addiction and achieve long-term recovery. In some cases, medications used to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder , such as Prozac, can be prescribed to inhibit the compulsive nature of the sex addiction.

This would only be effective alongside a course of therapeutic treatment. With effective treatment from accredited mental health professionals, any female sex addict can regain control over their day-to-day existence and live a life free from the trauma of addiction. Additional Information. Home Blog Recognising sex addiction in women. Contact Life Works Today. Sex and Love Addiction. . Call our Enquiry Line Free Addiction Assessment. Can't find what you're looking for?

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Sex addict seeks female

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