Unsatisfied black woman

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A ndrea, 25, had turned up at a police station confused and disoriented. I was visiting my mum, when an officer knocked on the door. Having grown up with Andrea, I offered to go to the station. I am on Prozac and antipsychotics; one of my closest friends takes a high dose of Venlafaxine. Two girls I grew up with have been sectioned, one on multiple occasions. A further five are on antidepressants and my sister regularly has panic attacks. Do black women face an increased risk in terms of their mental health? I wanted to find out what was driving us insane. Situational circumstances can often trigger depression in people of any background, but are there cultural and social issues that can induce poor mental health in black women in particular?

I wanted the group to help me understand what was going on. Therefore anything positive I have achieved is not based on my academic or physical ability — but through help and compassion shown to me. White or black. I was deeply disappointed that I got tagged with one of the most popular terms associated with black women and I have not argued a point since. The fact that black women face struggles with perception every day can often mean that the constant fight seems normal. It became clear that these women were reed to their fate.

As a black woman you are scary, inadequate, ugly or hyper-sexualised — and you just have to accept it. Research from the Mental Health Foundation suggests that African-Caribbean people living in the UK are more likely to be diagnosed with severe mental illness than any other ethnicity in the UK. This may be because they are reluctant to engage with services, so are much more unwell by the time they do. Mental illness is a stigma within the black community and, because of a lack of participation with mental health authorities, experts admit there is a huge gap in statistics for this growing problem.

I asked my mum what she thought when I first told her I had been diagnosed with depression. She said the family were all united in their sympathy for me, but wondered what I had to complain about. To us you have everything — what do you have to be sad about? From the messages I received on WhatsApp, guilt was a common theme. Where everyday survival is the necessity, mental health will not necessarily be a priority. But that guilt is often deeply ingrained. Andrea is still sectioned under the Mental Health Act. The last time I went to see her, the majority of women in the unit were black.

The perceptions of young black women in everyday life may be exacerbating already high rates of depression and anxiety. Anni Ferguson. Mon 8 Feb All names have been changed. Topics Women Race Mental health Health features. Reuse this content.

Unsatisfied black woman

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‘The lowest of the stack’: why black women are struggling with mental health