Woman for sex in Canada

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Image: Shutterstock. How often are married Canadians getting busy? If you think single Canucks are having all the fun in the bedroom, think again. It turns out, married couples are seeing plenty of action. Research shows that the average married couple in Canada has sex once a week. A study from the University of Toronto found that a weekly romp can not only help maintain an intimate spousal connection but also boost contentment. While sexual activity may wane during the first half of a marriage, the long-term forecast for wedded couples is sunny.

I'm middle-aged and newly single. What do I need to know about safe sex? Sexually transmitted infections STIs should be a concern for anyone in the dating arena, not just young singles. As a result, the rate of chlamydia is on the rise among Canadian women aged 40 to 59—a per- cent increase from to Aside from cold and flu viruses, STIs are some of the most widespread infections in the world.

To complicate matters, many STIs can go unnoticed, allowing them to be passed along to others more easily. Meanwhile, 32 percent had two or more partners in the past year. Condom use will help guard against not only infections but also pregnancy. How will menopause impact my sex life? The lesser-known issue of vaginal dryness can affect peri- and postmenopausal women in the bedroom and beyond , and many are unwilling to talk about it with their closest friends or even their physician. Along with moisture loss, women may also experience a thinning of the vaginal walls and a change to the elasticity and colour of the vaginal tissue.

These women may find it takes longer to become aroused, and intercourse may become painful. Discuss these options with your physician to find the best solution for you. What are the dating rules for women in the tech age? For women re-entering the singles scene following a divorce or the death of a partner, the dating landscape might seem unrecognizable. Nowadays, online dating is one of the most common ways to meet a mate, regardless of age. According to Match Group, owner of several popular dating sites and apps such as Match. Dating websites and apps are, for the most part, free and easy to use.

The market is loaded with options, including niche platforms catered to age, culture, hobby or interest such as JSwipe for Jewish singles and OurTime for those over 50 , as well as those geared toward a broader market such as Bumble, where women initiate contact, and Happn, a location-based app. Success comes from keeping an open mind and taking your time. Is a dip in libido normal as I get older? What can women expect, sexually speaking, from midlife into our 80s?

For some women, sexual fulfillment peaks during midlife. In a study out of the University of Pittsburgh, sexually active women aged 45 to 60 said they attributed these positive changes to increased self-confidence and self-knowledge, as well as improved communication skills that have come with age. People in their twilight years, meanwhile, are more sexually active than we once thought. The Archives of Sexual Behavior study looking at sex in marriage also found that women aged 70 and older were still sexually active, and one-third of these women had sex twice a month.

How prevalent is "grey divorce" and what does this mean for me and my peers? In Canada, divorce rates among adults aged 50 and older are seeing a spike. The trend has become so prevalent that even the small screen is tackling the issues faced by this group. In the Netflix sitcom Grace and Frankie , Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin star as year-old friends who are both newly single after 40 years of marriage. But the rise in divorce rates among older adults can, in many cases, be a positive thing, says Milhausen.

If you and your partner are bored in the bedroom, Milhausen suggests a few solutions to make your sex life exciting again. Share X. . Remember me. Forgot password?

Woman for sex in Canada

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