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The American Civil Liberties Union on Tuesday accused police in Nome, Alaska, of "a systemic and disastrous failure" to keep Native women safe from sexual assault. The letter said Clarice Hardy, who is of Inupiaq heritage, was unable to continue working there, and suffered nightmares, flashbacks and panic attacks.

The ACLU's action comes 12 days after an AP investigation into complaints by Alaska Native women from Nome and surrounding villages that their reports of sexual assault were not investigated aggressively by the city's police. Nome police data show that from through , eight per cent of calls about sexual assaults against adults resulted in an arrest.

After a group of Alaska Native women began publicly raising complaints about Nome's police last year, the city of fewer than 4, residents hired a new police chief, launched an audit of hundreds of old sexual assault cases and created a civilian police oversight committee.

While the ACLU said it was writing the letter on behalf of Hardy, it said it is "prepared to seek justice" for other women who had similar experiences with the police department. Stephen Koteff, the ACLU's legal director in Alaska, told the AP he couldn't comment on whether other women have contacted the organization with potential claims involving Nome police. Social Sharing. Yukon advocates trained to review 'unfounded' sexual assault cases N.

Women in Nome ca

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